Overclocking, techniques for increasing your computer's performance




Mystery Behind Overclocking

Mystery Behind Overclocking is a guide that includes information on how to overclock your computer and increase its speed.
For example, you can increase the frequency of a Pentium 200 to a Pentium 233 and see step-by-step details with useful diagrams on how to do it.

The guide includes information on the following processors: all the Intel 486s, Pentium, Pentium-MMX, and Pentium-II (to 450 MHz) CPUs, including the Celeron processor; all the AMD 486s to K5 CPUs; and all the Cyrix/IBM 486 and 0x686 CPUs. 

The help file is compiled in CHM format.



Download Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 


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  1 What is overclocking?
  2 Where does the process begin? 
  3 Before starting

Jumpers and BIOS
Changing the voltage
  6 Problems
  7 Cooling techniques
More about cooling
Cooling for software
10 Examples of overclocking
11 Pushing other components
12 Graphics cards
14 Overclocking forum
15 Links