Overclocking, techniques for increasing your computer's performance




Overclocking, techniques for increasing your computer's performance

   1   What is overclocking?

The name given to a way of improving the performance of your PC
    Before starting

Before getting down to work, we should first understand how the processor speed is obtained

  Changing the voltage

Increasing the voltage slightly may be necessary if we raise the frequency a lot
  Cooling techniques

Heat is the number one enemy, how to reduce it
  9  Cooling for software

Method for cooling processors, which consists of taking advantage of a series of energy saving commands
  11  Pushing other components

Any component too hard is liable to overloading
  13  Utilities

Programs and utilities
  15  Cooling links

Links to cooling manufacturers and distributors’ sites
  2   Where does the process begin?

Basic principles of overclocking

  Jumpers and BIOS

Jumpers change the configuration of the card (or board), which is also possible using some BIOS


The risks involved in overclocking and how to reduce them

  More about cooling

Many more solutions to stop the PC from overheating
  10  Examples of overclocking

Here you can find practical examples of overclocking

  12  Graphics cards

Graphics cards contain a main processor whose internal clock is easily programmable

  14  Overclocking forum

Overclocking forum. Questions, queries, experiences

  16  Drivers

Install the latest drivers to keep your computer up to date


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